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1N 5819 (SS14)


0.83TL Ex Tax: 0.70TL

1N 5819 DIP


0.83TL Ex Tax: 0.70TL

M7 Smd Diod

M7 Smd Diod..

0.05TL Ex Tax: 0.04TL

1n 4007 Dıp Diod

1n 4007 Dıp Diod..

0.06TL Ex Tax: 0.05TL

5822 Dİod

5822 Dİod..

0.47TL Ex Tax: 0.40TL

6A10 Diod

6A10 Diod..

0.53TL Ex Tax: 0.45TL



0.53TL Ex Tax: 0.45TL

MB10S Diod

MB10S Diod..

0.35TL Ex Tax: 0.30TL

1N 4148 DİOD

1N 4148 DİOD..

0.41TL Ex Tax: 0.35TL

LL4148 Smd Diod

LL4148 Smd Diod..

0.06TL Ex Tax: 0.05TL



0.18TL Ex Tax: 0.15TL

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